Plant Sharing Point presentation

Plant Sharing Point presentation

Plant Sharing Point: Bring a plant that you grow and want to share and take home a new green friend!

You wanted to try a home-grown plant, but you weren’t sure if you would succeed?

Have you dreamed of a specific plant but not the owner of the store?

Or are you a gardening lover who would love to share sprouts that you love growing?


Imagine there was a royal place that would solve these problems right near your home!


On 14/02 in the Meir Garden, a representative of a “plant sharing point” model: a stand specifically designed for sprout sharing by Cluster and Molet. The big vision is to create “plant sharing points” in other public spaces and enable local communities to exchange sprouts and make new connections in the neighborhood. 


Let’s make the city greener not only outside, on the streets – but inside, in our homes!

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